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Spray oils: a perfect summer favourite

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I haven’t seen many (or even really any…) posts about body spray oils. This flabbergasts me as they are currently my favourite thing.

While I do enjoy a good scented lotion, application can sometimes seem like a bit of a faff, a bit time-consuming. Lotions and butters can also be quite heavy. Spray oils are a light mist-much lighter for warmer summer weather.

The beauty of these oils is that they are incredibly quick to use, while imparting a subtle scent, and of course providing moisturising properties.

I have two favourites at the moment-one cheaper option, and one mid-priced.

My inexpensive spray is Original Source Skin Quench Quick Drying Moisturising Oil Spray  Watermelon and Jojoba which has an RRP of £6.99 (though seems to be on offer fairly regularly). It is certified by the Vegan Society.

Part of Original Source’s ‘skin quench’ range, this spray leaves the skin extremely soft. It smells sweet but the scent isn’t too strong and doesn’t linger for long.

The oils comes out in a fine mist and absorbs really quickly.  It doesn’t require much working in at all-it literally takes minutes to do your whole body.

My other favourite is Korres Santorini Vine Anti-Aging Body Oil. This is a pricier product (generally £24, currently reduced to £12), but I love almost everything from this beautiful brand, and get a lot of pleasure from using it, so it’s worth it.

This is a slightly heavier oil than the Original Source, but still mists well, and requires very little working in. It smells divine, and leaves skin extremely soft and well moisturised. It is also really quick to use and way more convenient than a lotion. There is a whole range in this scent, in case you want to layer up on your fragrance.




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