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Review: Korres Wild Rose Facial Oil


There are a few oils fighting it out on my dressing table but I’m particularly enjoying this Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening and Nourishing Facial Oil(£29.50) at the moment.

This feels like a really nice, summery oil, good for this time of year. I put this down to its extremely light texture, and its incredible ability to absorb almost instantly. It isn’t greasy or heavy at all.

The oil is housed in a clear bottle. Some people say exposure to light means the potent qualities in your oil will degrade more quickly, and it should therefore be stored in a cool and dark place. To try and counteract this I keep this out of the bathroom, and in its box.

The bottle itself is really pretty and has an uncommonly functional pipette. There are some products I love but struggle to use because of their rubbish pipette. This one disposes product perfectly, and doesn’t get gungy or drip round the mouth of the bottle. Because the glass is clear, you can see the rose petals inside the oil, which is another really nice touch. It has quite a light, sweet scent. It’s floral, but not necessarily what you typically associate with rose products.

This product is free from mineral oil, paraffin wax, synthetic dyes, silicones and animal by-products.

So what does it do?

According to the blurb it is appropriate for all skin types. It says: “This nourishing treatment oil, rich in essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, instantly replenishes skin moisture and helps diminish the appearance of fi€ne lines and discolorations.” The manufacturer lists vitamin C is the key ingredient, claiming it brightens and evens out skin tone.

My experiences of using it so far are positive: because it absorbs so well, it’s one of those products you actually want to use, so I find myself reaching for it daily. I use it in place of moisturiser, after serum, and I have been using it in conjunction with a couple of other Korres rose items and there has been an improvement over a number of weeks.

Firstly, there is the instant softness you get from using an oil like this. Obviously any other benefits take a bit longer to show up, but there has definitely been a marked change in the radiance of the skin, as well as the hydration. This is something other reviewers have also noticed. I worry about uneven skin tone, and I would say this has helped with that.

For a mid-price product, it is something worth trying, I would definitely repurchase.




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