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My current favourite easy vegan lunch


I tend to go through phases when it comes to meals, getting really into certain foods, then overdosing and becoming sick of the sight of them.

I’m currently going through that very cycle with this specific lunch.

An easy weekday meal, this is what I have been eating at work, after a lunchtime run. By the time I have racked up 5km on the trail near my office, I am a) hungry and b) short on time, so it has to be simple to throw together and filling. I also like to have a nice range of different flavours and textures on my plate, so there are a few components to throw together.

The base of the meal is brown toast-find any decent wholemeal bread. Roughly mash half an avocado evenly over the two slices, and top with loads of freshly ground black pepper. I like to have a good handful of quartered cherry tomatoes on the side, and a good stack of sliced cucumber on top. Add two handfuls of rocket. I like to dress my rocket with a dash of good balsamic vinegar (yes…I do keep a range of high quality condiments at work…). Be careful not to douse your toast in vinegar-you only want a little splash over the leaves.

The whole thing is then topped with 2 tbsp hummus. I am currently loving caramelised onion flavour, which you can pick up in Waitrose or chuck together yourself. Plain also works as does roasted red pepper, or any of the other variations you can easily find in the supermarket.

It all adds up to around 450 kcals and macros roughly break down as 37.5g carbs, 10.6g protein, and 19.5g fat.



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