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I wish I could eat at Purezza every day


It was a random recommendation. I mentioned to the amazing Damien Clarkson (check out his YouTube and blog for information on some of his epic vegan projects) that I was going to visit Brighton for the bank holiday weekend, and he suggested a visit to Purezza.

The eatery describes itself as ‘Italian plant-based goodness’. It’s that and more. I’m so used to picking the only vegan thing off a menu, that when the whole menu is ok, I get overwhelmed by choice. Even more so when the options are so full of deliciousness. Four cheese pizza? Calzone? It was hard to choose.

In the end I plumped for the quattro staggione – a mouthwatering riot of black olives, artichoke, mushrooms, and seitan ‘pepperoni’. Oh, and I may have added the stuffed crust…

Our food arrived quickly. The waitress asked if we’d like garlic or chilli oil (we had both) and, after a liberal application of the hot stuff, I tucked in.

I actually love pizza without cheese. No-one anywhere will ever top my brother’s pizza. He’s spent the best part of a decade researching and refining his dough, he built his woodfired oven to perfect spec, even his wood is chosen for its unique properties. So having got that out of the way, I feel like I can rhapsodise about this pizza.

The stuffed crust was epic. Full of tasty cheese, which melted beautifully, and had the perfect mouthfeel. The toppings were generous (and included huge fresh basil leaves) and high quality. The crust itself was very good.

We had the house red which complemented the robust garlic and tomato notes in the pizza. Purezza also supplies you with a fresh supply of cucumber table water at no cost.

Overall I could not recommend this place more highly. Our bill (two pizza – one with stuffed crust which includes a supplementary cost, two glasses of wine, lots of water) came to about £34. We ate to bursting and took away our boxed leftovers.

The service was friendly and knowledgeable – and efficient.

If you’re in the area, get yourself there. If you’re not in the area, think about making a trip. It’s that good.20160826_211024




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