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Alpro apologises for ‘1/3 meat’ tweet


Plant-based giant Alpro has issued an apology to customers after a controversial tweet sparked fury among vegans.

The Belgian-based company, which was recently acquired by Danone, posted a tweet saying: “A healthy diet consists of 2/3 of plant-based food and 1/3 of animal-based. With Alpro we offer alternatives to help you set the balance!”

The message was met with a barrage of angry criticism from angry social media users. Lisa Grenfell said: “Oh please correct this. No one needs any animal-based produce. I’m 100 per cent plant-based and very healthy!”

Alpro has responded saying: “We made a mistake and we’re really sorry. It was a genuine case of wording a tweet poorly, which didn’t convey what we meant at all. We didn’t mean to imply that you need to eat meat to have a healthy diet. In fact, quite the opposite – we would encourage everyone to eat more plant-based foods.

“We are dedicated to plant-based foods that are good for people and planet, and a lot of us could benefit from eating more plant-based foods – so reducing meat and eating at least 2/3 plant-based is a great place to start.”

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